Saphir Medaille D’Or Shoe Polish is widely regarded as the best shoe polish in the world. Carefully crafted in small batches from only the highest quality ingredients, Saphir Polish contains a unique combination of up to seven different kinds of waxes and all-natural leather nutrients designed to condition, shine and protect your best shoes.


👞 Best shoe polish cram of Saphir

The effect of Saphir Shoe Polish is both immediate and impressive, as described by the overwhelmingly positive product reviews. With proper care, using Saphir Cream and Wax Polishes can dramatically extend the lifetime of your best shoe

Saphir shoe polish cream Medaille D’or is an all natural shoe cream designed for smooth calf skin leather.

This formula is made exclusively from 7 different waxes, solvents (such as turpentine), and Shea butter.

This Saphir shoe polish contains high amounts of pigment, which were selected specifically to restore and restore  lost color to your shoes.

Gentle solvents help penetrate the leather to allow the nutrients like Shea butter and beeswax into the leather to nourish and smooth leathers

👞 Saphir Shoe Polish Cream Medaille d’Or excels in three areas


For this application, we recommend the use of the pommadier Medaille d’Or Brush.

Wich has been specially designed to facilitate the application at the level of the seam, allowing you to recover the cream to the bottom of the jar without staining your fingers.

Brush smooth leathers before application to remove surface dust.

Spread the Saphir shoe polish cream in small quantities massing the leather. Allow to dry and polish with a wool cloth.

Pommadier Medaille d’Or 75 ml cream has re-coloring properties that allow it to cover small scratches and discolorations due to wear.

We offer a wide range of colors, in case you do not find the exact color, we advise for light shoes, to choose a color close to it, but always lighter.


👞Saphir Shoe Polish Cream Additional Instructions


If your leather has an excess of old polish and wax on it, we recommend cleaning it with Saphir Medaille D’or Cleaning Lotion or Reno’Mat Leather Cleaner.

We recommend testing cream on an inconspicuous area first to see how it will look over the entire shoe.

🎦 Video: Tutorial Saphir shoe shine cream


We would like to share a video from our youtube channel on how to correctly apply Saphir shoe shine Pommadier Medaille d’Or 75 ml cream.